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Waterfowl of North America



The better you take care of your bird in the field, the better your trophy will be. Below are a few steps to follow after you bagged that specimen.

1. Choose a quality specimen. Look for mature, adult birds. These birds will be larger and their feathers will be smoother and uniform in color.

2. Choose a specimen that isn't "shot up." Make sure the primary feathers on the end of the wings are intact. Make sure there are no shot holes in the feet.

3. Damaged bills are not a problem, as I use artificial heads.

4. Broken legs, wings, and feet can and cannot cause a problem, depending on what pose you choose for the bird.

5. We all love retrievers, but it is best if you do not let them retrieve your potential trophy.

6. Hold bird by the feet, not by the neck. Keep bird cool as possible and do not overheat. Keep out of direct sunlight.

7. At home, place bird's head under wing. Wrap in several layers of paper towels. Place bird in ziploc bag, squeeze all the air out of bag. Obtain another ziploc and double bag the bird. Freeze immediately.

8. Try not to put bird in a frost free freezer. This type of freezer tends to freezer burn quicker than a regular manual defrost freezer.

9. Take the specimen to taxidermist ASAP.