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Waterfowl of North America




Pacific and Atlantic Brant

Come and hunt with Kevin for this elegant little Sea Goose. There are two species of Brant. The Eastern race which is confined exclusively to the Atlantic coast and the Western Race which migrates along the Pacific coast. The Atlantic Brant has a white breast and belly, where as the Pacific Black Brant has a dusky brown colored breast and belly. Brant fly low to the water in small, erratic flocks. Most of the hunting for the Atlantic race is done in New Jersey, while the Pacific Black is hunted mainly in Mexico. For a great hunting trip, hunt both species coast to coast in one week!

Masters Of The Sky provides for Mexico - Boats/Blinds Decoys and Equipment, Obtaining Mexican Gun Permits and Licenses, Ground Transportation into Mexico, Beer/Beverages into Mexico, Hotel, Language Interpreter, and essential Gear List.

You provide your Airfare, Shotgun/Ammo, Chest Waders/Boots, Food and Beverages, Rain Gear, Camo Clothes (Temp range 20 - 75 degrees) Gratuities, Passport or Birth Certificate, and Camera/Film.

Note: On the New Jersey trip everything is provided like the trip to Mexico except no Beer/Beverages or Language Interpreter. Masters Of The Sky can obtain your NJ Licenses and Stamps, if needed. You provide everything listed above, including your Federal and State Stamp. You will not need your Passport/Birth Certificate.

Season usually runs from November through mid-January in NJ, while Mexico is November through February. Please be aware of Hunter Education Requirements in NJ. Party sizes of 1-4 in NJ and 1-6 for Mexico are welcome. A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required within 7 days of booking hunt to confirm dates. Balance is due 14 days in advance before day of trip. Deposit is fully refundable to November 1st only. If a hunt is cancelled after November 1st, the deposit is non-refundable but can be applied for a later hunting date if available or a hunt the following year.